Linux Small Business Server Installation (AD Proxy File Web)

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Linux Small Business Server Installation (AD Proxy File Web)


The installation involves setting up 2 virtualised Linux servers running as a gateway/firewall and the main server/domain controller  on VMware ESXi Platform.



Server 1 Features;

Firewall for security: This allows you to control traffic flowing in and out of your network. You can easily control access to applications/software on the internet and on your internal network.

Virtual private networking: In case you need access to your network/computers while out of the office, VPN can provide a secure tunnel that you can dial remotely from your laptop or desktop and give you a connection to your office LAN. It’s helpful when you need files or emails on your private network or want to access applications running on your local web server.

Web proxy, with content filtering and antivirus: This feature allows you to control how Internet and Intranet services are utilised. You can blacklist sites based on URL, portions of the name or even content. This can be done per user, group or the whole network. All traffic going in and out of your network has to go through the server where it’s filtered according to your configuration. Viruses are also kept out by an antivirus running on the server. You can always scan the log reports where all destination sites are logged per user.


Server 2 Features;

Network domain controller: A Microsoft Windows Active Directory  like configuration designed around Samba 4 which lets you manage users, share files, and configure DHCP and DNS.

E-mail services (Webmail, Postfix, SMTP, POP3/s, IMAP/s): The server can be configured to handle mail. It can either be the main mail server or configured to fetch mail from different service providers and route them to local accounts. It can store copies of all incoming or outgoing mail and even forward them to a specified recipient. We can configure Zarafa’s open source groupware which combines the usability of Outlook with the stability and flexibility of a Linux server. It has the same look and feel as Web 2.0 Outlook.

Database and web server:  You can run your custom web applications, database or website. Using dynamic DNS, you will be able to access the sites/apps from anywhere in the world.

Backup server: We can configure scheduled backup runs on the server to external storage using USB connection, Internal hard drive or folder or FTP protocol. For added data security, the physical server can be configured using RAID 1 technology as minimum where two hard drives are used. The contents of one hard drive are mirrored to the second drive.

NOTE: The price is only for installation labour including registration of VMware license. Cost of server hardware may vary according to network requirements.

Optional Extras

  • Used server running a quad core processor, 8GB memory, 2 x 2TB, 2 x NIC and an external 2GB hard drive for Backup from R9000
  • New server running a quad core processor, 8GB memory, 2 x 2TB, 2 x NIC and an external 2GB hard drive for Backup from R15000
  • Remote server support contract with 2 free emergency site support visits from R2500 per month
  • Customized record management application That allows data entry, modification and deletion of records in a database with ability to search for records using certain criteria. It’s a server based app that uses a web interface and can run on any Internet browser. – R10000
  • SugarCRM Community Edition: A locally/self hosted Customer Relationship Management software that is free from monthly charges with a reporting module and unlimited number of users. R15000