Replacement Sony VAIO SVP132A1CW AC Adapter, supplied with South African power cable. Suits all Sony VAIO AC Adapter models below.

Features & Specifications: 
  • Input Voltage(Wall Charger) : 100 ~ 240V 50~ 60Hz
  • Output10.5V 4.3A
  • Connecter size: 4.8 x 1.7mm
  • Industry Quality : Over Voltage Protection, Over Heat Protection, CE
Replacment charger number :
AD-SO1043-4817, VGP-AC10V10, VGP-AC10V9

Compatibe With laptop Models:
SVD13211CW, SVD13213CXB, SVD13213CXW, SVD13215CDB, SVD13215PXB, SVD13215PXW, SVD13216PW, SVD13217PSB, SVD132190X, SVD1321L2EB, SVD1321M2EB, SVD1321M2EW, SVD1321M9E, SVD1321X9EB.CEK, SVD1321X9EW.CEK, SVD1321Z9EB.CEK, SVD13223CXB, SVD13225PXB, SVD132290S, SVD132290X, SVD1322BPXB, SVD1322BPXR, SVD1322U9EB, SVP11213CXB, SVP11213CXS, SVP11216CGB, SVP11216PXB, SVP11217PGB, SVP112190X, SVP1121M1EBI, SVP1121W9EB, SVP1121X9EB.IT1, SVP1121Z9EB, SVP13213CGB, SVP13213CGS, SVP13213CXB, SVP13213CXS, SVP13215PXB, SVP13215PXS, SVP13216PGB, SVP132190X, SVP13219PGB, SVP1321ACXB, SVP1321ACXS, SVP1321BPXB, SVP1321BPXR, SVP1321C5E, SVP1321C6EBI, SVP1321CPXB, SVP1321DCXS, SVP1321ECXB, SVP1321HGXBI, SVP1321J1EB, SVP1321L1EBI, SVP1321M9EB, SVP1321S1EBI, SVP1321S9EB, SVP1321V9EB, SVP1321W9EB.IT1, SVP1321X9EB, SVP1321Y9EB, SVP1321Z9EB, SVP132A1CW

Package include:
1 x Brand New Ac Power Adapter
To be sure what you are ordering is the right item, you can ask as many questions as you like. or just send the Laptop Brand Name and Model number.
Warranty: 3 months