With so many laptop battery options in place, it is advised that you select right type of battery. For some users, it becomes a daunting task to choose best battery available in the market. Since, these days every person uses a laptop, each individual has a distinct way of using the same. This is perhaps the basic reason why a laptop battery works great for one person whereas some work greatly for others. It depends on the type of usage the battery is exposed. Thus, depending on this users need to decide between standard and extended battery.

Not all types of batteries emerge as a successful and right solution for every laptop user. For instance, the one who uses laptop for longer hours might record a need for the battery that can stay up long, whereas those who make limited laptop usage might want to settle down with something as basic as a standard battery. Putting more pressure on a standard battery or making limited use of extended battery is a sure a mismatch; therefore it demands from the user to play wise in selecting a battery for the best fit.

  • It is important to decide what type of battery is best suited to fulfill the portable power needs. Find below some tips for selection:
  • Main quality of a laptop battery that needs to considered, rests with the amount of energy which a battery can store that is usually measured in Watt- Hours
  • In case you want the battery to give extended runtime per charge, always select battery with a greater Watt-Hours rating
  • Since extended batteries have a bigger size, these allow the user to increase run time of laptop between the charges
  • Lastly, cell capacity is a crucial factor to consider